Time has all but forgotten the most innocent victims of the War Between
the States, the women and children. Their pain and suffering was, by
far, the greatest. With the men in their lives gone to war or dead, they
were left to fend for themselves. In many cases too numerous to name,
their homes and belongings were burn or destroyed and these innocent
victims were left homeless and destitute.

Below you will find personal accounts of the pain and suffering the
wives, mothers and children faced with each long day the war dragged
Frances Fristoe Twyman
Reminiscences of the War.
Kate S. Doneghy
Saved By the Bible.
Elizabeth Ann Sheppard
My Personal Experiences During
the Civil War of 1861.
Ann C. Everett
Spent The Night Alone With
Dead And Wounded.
The Women Remember
Personal accounts of the most innocent victims of the
Civil War ~ the women & children