The following rosters represent the regiments and companies that participated in the Battle of Lone Jack, Missouri on
August 16, 1862.  Each of the men listed on the Rosters were enlisted in the various Companies at the time of the battle
and could have participated in the battle.

The Union rosters were compiled using the Civil War Service Records at  
The Union rosters are complete as far as we can make them at this time.  However, we are still
missing men.  If you have any info on a soldier in one of the Union Regiments that fought at Lone Jack,
PLEASE let us know.
The Confederate Casualties were compiled from various sources.

Any corrections or additions will be welcomed.

We are attempting to validate each name with historical documentation as to an individual's actual participation in the

While we will never know exactly who is buried on the battlefield, all Union soldiers on this list and who have been
verified as having died the day of the battle, are presumed to be buried in the trenches. The men in the Union regiments
were not from this area and the local citizens had no way of knowing, for the most part, who they were and where they
came from.

It was left to the people of Lone Jack to bury the dead, take in the wounded and clean up the mess left by the battle.
The soldiers are buried in two long trenches 80 feet in length and are buried in layers.  There has recently been
discovered a third trench at the foot of the two long trenches where 18 men, who died in the days after the battle, are

It took almost three days to dig the trenches and bury the dead. In addition, burying the soldiers, the community
members were left to dispose of almost 115 dead horses. The temperature was well over 100 degrees and the stench
so nauseating that the residents had to cover their noses with wet wool just to be able to approach the battlefield.
Their horses refused to come anywhere near the town square and oxen had to be procured from the neighboring farms
to take care of the job.

If you can provide documentation for any name listed on any of the rosters, please
Contact Me.
Confederate Rosters
Union Rosters
3rd Indiana Light Artillery
Battery Roster
2nd Battalion MSM Cav.
Companies A, C, & F
6th MSM Cav.
~We are missing 25 men from Co. A~
See note at end of roster list
Companies A, B & E
7th MSM Cav.
Company H
7th Missouri Vol. Cav.
Companies A, C, E, I & F
8th MSM Cav.
Companies F & H