Sedalia MO
Sept. 20, 1862
Brig. Gen Loan Commanding Cent. Div. MO

Yours of the 19th inst is at hand, with which I cheerfully comply.  My reasons for leaving the wounded of 6th Regt as well as those of other
Regts after the battle of Lone Jack, were many, but principally the following.  After having applyed to the QM for transportation for the wounded,
it being evident that for the time we should have to give up the battle ground, and our troops then being formed in columns for retireing.  I saw
that owing to the large amount of wounded, to care for all of them, at that place and under the circumstances, in any thing like a human
manner would be utterly imposible, therefore I conversed with Maj Foster who had been in command but had fallen badley wounded.  Also with
Capt B [Brawner] Co. A 7th Regt MO Vols who was then in command, as to what was best to do.  I then called Doct Condiff [Dr. William H. H.
Cundiff – Assistant Surgeon] of Lieut Col Nugents Bat, councelled with him, he informed me that he was acquainted with the people & most of
the Physicians in that vincinity.  I therefore made arrangements with him to stay & take care of the wounded left behind, by sending out &
calling in all of the help that he could obtain for their relief, whilst I would accompany all who could be provided with transportation (45 in No.) to
Lexington and make arrangements for returning immediately with Hospt Stores & transportation for the remainder which I did & that
successfully.  Before leaving, however, I turned over all of my medicines most of my Instruments and part of my Hosp Stores, to Doct Condiff
(he having none) for the benifit of those left behind.  In all that took place concerning this, I strove to do my duty as & officer and a Patriot, and if
I have failed it is from no lack of intention to do right.  What I have stated I can substantiate.  If there is any further explination desired please let
me give it in person.  Hoping that the above will be satifsfactory, I remain your Obt Servt.
                                                  John W. F. Clawgis
To the Hon addressed                    Asst Surg 6th Regt MSM

Info on outside of letter
Let the commission of Assistant Surgeon Clawgis be vacted and appoint Asst Surgeon Cundiff in his place                H. R. Gamble

Sedalia, MO  20 Sept 1862.  Clawgis Jno. W. F. Asst Sur 6 Reg Cav MSM
Explanation who he left the wounded at Lone Jack without further assistance.

Head Quarters Cent Div Dist. MO Jefferson City, Sept 22 1862

I am satisfied from all the information I can obtain as well as from the statement contained herein that Asst Surgeon Clawger has wilfully failed
to render that attention to the wounded soldiers of his regiment that they required at his hand and which it was in his power to bestow.  My
impression is it is a clear case of wilful neglect of duty under circumstances that I dare not character ____ as they justly deserve.  I ask that
his commission may be revoked.  It being impossible to spare the officers for a court martial to try the case upon charges.

                                Ben Loan
                                Brig Gen Mssett
                                Hdqts District of MO
                                St. Louis, Sept 26 1862

Respy refered to his Excellency the Governor
                                By order of
                                Brig Gen Schofield

Original Correspondence of Gov. H. R. Gamble, folder 14464, microfilm CFD158 Missouri State Archives; Jefferson City, Missouri
This excerpt taken from the Pioneer Times/April 1993; Vol. 17, No. 2; Mid-Continent Genealogical Library, Independence, Missouri